Community Health

With an underfunded public sector, the national budget’s health infrastructure represents only 11.2% of total governmental expenditure. As a result only 5.9% of the Global Domestic Product (GDP) can be spent on healthcare, and access to medical services is very limited and costly.

Nevertheless, Cambodia has a powerful network of health centers in most communities throughout the country. Yet, resources remain extremely scarce in remote locations such as Sen Sok.

In order to change this reality, the community health initiative works on empowering the local medical personnel by providing training through a capacity building program.

Since the Sen Sok community health center has already been established through a government program, our organization is able to focus on the skills that health practitioners need to better serve their communities. In addition, and whenever possible, Community First arranges for the donation of equipment and other technical resources. In nearly every case, these types of resources are simply not available within hundreds of miles.