Malaria Prevention

Cambodia is at the forefront of a new war against malaria with the emergence of a new drug-resistant parasite strain. And only 5% of Cambodian households own an insecticide treated net.

All families deserve a safety net…
Provide a sustainable job and source of income in villages by protecting a Cambodian family from malaria:

This dire situation translates into hundred of malaria cases declared per year, and many more thousands of working hours lost at a macro-economic level as heads of households are incapacitated by the parasitic disease.

As the disease spreads and becomes increasingly resistant to drugs, the World Health Organization, in a 2008 report, and the global public health community at large, have agreed that insecticide treated nets will be the salvation for exposed populations.

Accordingly, as part of our health outreach program, Community First donates insecticide-treated mosquito nets to villagers and sells them at a subsidized price to rural health centers.

With each donated net, a family is protected from both dengue fever and malaria while a seamstress at the Smach Sewing center can provide for her children.

The Public Health malaria prevention initiative focuses on the systematic use of Long Lasting Treated Nets (LLTNs) for all families. Such nets offer both physical protection from the mosquitoes along with a chemical barrier further repelling insects. Each net is donated to a family during training workshops on malaria prevention with other families.

2012 Sen Sok Malaria Prevention Campaign:

Our goal is to sponsor 10,000 mosquito nets in order to protect all of the families living in Sen Sok community before the rainy season starts. By reaching our goal, over 50,000 individuals will be protected for the next two years and countless lives will be saved.