Water Access

What if each time you gave water to your child, the first thought passing through your mind was: “is this going to kill my child within the next 5 years?” This is a dire reality for Cambodian parents, as 90 out of every 1,000 children will die before age 5. This high infantile death rate is primarily due to the fact that over 40% of the Cambodian population is without access to clean water.

Before we drill the wells, the people of Sen Sok community rely on hand-dug, open-air pits excavated out of despair. This type of pond will very often be the only source of water for families, and will be used as drinking water. This dramatically increases rates of waterborne diseases and infantile diarrhea, which very often will lead to health complications or death.

Each well we drill saves lives in a profoundly direct way…

Further, each new water source also opens up a new realm of opportunities for the waterless farmers of the Sen Sok commune. With only 3% of the arable land being irrigated year-round, farmers are unable to grow their farming operations unless a steady source of water, such as our wells, is made available.

Sadly, the people of Sen Sok live in an area where the water table is very deep, and our construction crews must often drill as deep as 40 meters (130 feet), making the cost of a privately owned well unattainable for most families. Accordingly, we only build community-owned water wells in order to reach out to a wide number of the most vulnerable families.

Each well is overseen by a well committee made up of four villagers; this group is in charge of overseeing the well’s ongoing operations and teaching families various hygiene practices linked to safer water. Villagers also contribute financially on a yearly basis to fund the well’s repairs.

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