Water Mobility

Even with an enhanced source of water now available in the village, water mobility remains a challenge to be reckoned with. Each rural household consumes up to 400 liters (over 100 gallons) of water per day for household us. The women and children will mostly be the ones toiling and traveling back and forth to fetch the water.

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The time consuming process of attaining water keeps family members away from other productive occupations, and they may even spend one to two full days just replenishing their water tanks at home – a water source alone is simply not good enough to solve the community’s problems.

This is where Community First’s water mobility initiative comes in. With the donation of a single water cart, an entire family is freed from their time being consumed by hard work. As a result, children can dedicate more time to school, and women can focus on income-generating activities such as weaving.

Our water carts can move 220 liters (58 gallons) in a single trip, and thus can help save one to two days’ worth of work for each household. Water carts are managed by the village committee in charge of the water well’s maintenance, and are available for use by the entire community.