What we learned: Human Rights Day, 64th Anniversary


Thanks to Mayor Bill Bogaard and the United Nations Association of Pasadena & Foothill, the cause of ‘waterless farmers of Sen Sok’ was presented to the Pasadena Community.

As part of the commemoration of the 64th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in order to introduce ‘water’ as the incoming theme, the event focused on the human impact of water.

With special thanks to Hadiara Diallo for presenting the “Wells Bring Hope Project” working in West Africa. Hadiara shared her own experience from the field, and the story of how Gil Garcetti was moved by how much a difference could be made with water.

The event highlighted the fact that while Cambodia and West Africa may be two very different places, the challenges and opportunities relating to water remain the same and their impact on people’s lives remains just as crucial.

Water as a human right? While the actual declaration does not contain any specific to reference to access to water as a fundamental right, the United Nations has emphasized its importance towards the achievement of human rights, everywhere.

Community First also extend our most sincere thanks to Pasadena Police Chief Philip L. Sanchez for his continued support of international outreach in the community through the United Nations Association (UNA); to Mrs. Rhonda Stone of City Hall ; and to Sonia Amin from UNA PAsadena & Foothill Chapter.

 (Picture above, from left to right: Pasadena Police Chief Philip L. Sanchez, Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard and CFI Executive Director Pierre H. Mainguy, photo credit: Sonia Amin, United Nations Association Pasadena & Foothill Chapter)

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