Sen Sok Community

Our collaboration with the people of Sen Sok:

Community First is a people-driven organization. Everything we do, from planning to implementation, incorporates the inputs and efforts of the people who will benefit from the initiatives.

We begin by conducting focus group discussions and surveys with village elders, leaders, and representatives of the larger community. During these sessions, our field team hears directly from the villagers what they see as critical needs and which projects would address their future priorities.

Then, in collaboration with the village leadership, we create a comprehensive plan to develop the projects that will improve the quality of daily life.  This plan incorporates milestones that meet the needs identified by the community rather than those assumed by outsiders.

Working with villagers allows us to create a bond of trust. Each time we implement a program, we are fulfilling a promise we made to them when we first discussed their vision for the future.

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Community Highlights:

Sen Sok Commune is located in the northeast portion of Kralanh District, along National Road 68. It is situated about 18 km away from Kralanh district center and over 50 km to the east of Siem Reap City.

Sen Sok Commune is made up of 16 villages for a population of 8,959 individuals. About half of the total population is female, and 213 families, or 12.8 percent, are female-headed households. There are 1662 families in the area, giving the average family size just over five persons.