Our Mission

Mission Water Access


Connecting changemakers throughout the world to create local solutions to global problems.

Community First is a network of change makers that creates innovative solutions to the problems of poverty and shares and implements those solutions around the world. Our goal is to empower communities in need to sustainably improve the quality of their lives and move them out of poverty.

Our vision is to have a significant and sustainable positive impact on the lives of Cambodians living in rural villages by connecting individuals who can contribute their intellectual, financial and other essential resources.

By empowering people to become the change they want to see in the world, Community First has helped create dozens of programs in forgotten communities, providing live-changing opportunity to thousands of families.

Today, Community First is using the advances of social media and user generated content in order to give the opportunity to schools, universities and service clubs to become more involved in changemaking.



  • A community of changemakers and people driven nonprofit organization. Our mission it is to connect and pool our resources together in order to bring about lasting change in poverty stricken communities through the creation of local solution to global problems
  • We do not focus on a single aspect of poverty reduction, and believe in creating an eco-system of solutions that address the multiple problems that relate to poverty – we call it integrative community development and we’ve developed our own system.
  • We connect changemakers by working with a network of volunteer engineers who donate their grey matter using our own online volunteering social network – Community First Exchange.
  • In pursuing the above, our current focus is on aquaponics and lacquer. We look for inspiration in Cambodia’s heritage while updating ancient practices (EMs) with modern ones (3D printing).
  • Follow us along with a network of likeminded people, movements and organizations: Millennial Impact, Be Fearless, Case Foundation and TED.


Mission Water and sustainable technology

Guiding Principles

  • Value social, environmental and economical impact of our work
  • Emphasize reliable technology-driven solution (ancient/future)
  • In our day and age, people should be able to donate more than money
  • Millennial Kingdom
  • Finding inspiration in ancient practices is more likely to help us find off-grid solutions
  • Bringing local solutions to global issues so that they can be scaled
  • Non-ethnic, non-tribal and non-denominational: GLOBAL
  • No hand outs policy