How You Can Help

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in South East Asia, ranking 124th out of 169 countries in the 2010 UNDP Human Development Index.

In some villages, over two thirds of families we help have to rely on income from sweat shop labor as migrant workers in Thailand.

Malnutrition, lack of access to sanitation, poor education, and limited employment prospects heavily impact the lives of the rural Cambodians with whom Community First works. The country’s recent history of violent conflict and genocide led to the destruction of physical and social infrastructures. Economic development is therefore a slow and complex process in Cambodia. After experiencing these difficulties first-hand, Community First’s founders saw the need for a development model that put the needs of rural people first.

Every contribution that you make to Community First goes directly to support rural families in need

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About your impact

While the people we help are a world away, your help truly means the world to the people we help. With each and every single donation towards our causes and projects, lives are saved from poverty, and entire communities lifted up through our unique and proprietary program matrix.

As a Community First supporter, you can become part of the solution by helping us spread the word through your social networks when connecting with us, or you can contribute your expertise and other essential resources online or onsite by getting involved. But most importantly, today you can make the change happen by helping fund the change!

All contributions are tax-deductible as per US Federal Law, and 100% of your donation goes towards our projects in communities.

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STEP 1: choose a cause that near and dear to your heart and that you feel you can and want to help with.

STEP 2: look for ways in which this cause relates to your community at home, and help spread the word with your friends and coworkers.

STEP 3: decide how you’d like to contribute, and set an action plan in motion. Whether you want to bring your expertise, network of friends or your financial resources, you can become the change you want to see in the world.

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1. CONNECT “live the story, love the causes and share the impact”

Help us build momentum by rallying your friends and social networks around the Community First cause. Today, you can  connect with Community First by becoming a member of The Exchange or by following us on the following social media.

Each piece of  content you decide to share has the potential to make “the next Sen Sok” happen, so don’t forget to pass the posts forward!

–Share on social media

–Join the Community First Exchange

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2. INVOLVE Become a changemaker by CONTRIBUTING TO the solution”

Become a changemaker and become part of the solution by helping us crowdsource the solutions. As a representative of a service club or educational institution, you can even sign up your organization as Partners to help multiply your impact.

  • Service clubs wanting to find a long lasting and meaningful relationship with the communities they help.
  • High schools looking for tangible projects for their class while promoting social change and action-driven engagement.
  • Middle schools wanting to start international service programs to open their students’ global perspective.
  • Graduate and undergraduate students and teachers looking for meaningful opportunities to become part of the change.
  • Organizations and companies looking for genuine and impact-driven Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.

–Through your educational institution

–Through your service club

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3. GIVE “Become a changeleader by MAKING THE CHANGE HAPPEN”

Become a changeleader by funding or fundraising for our projects and causes. Make a contribution, host a fundraiser or event on behalf of the people you have decided to help turn great ideas into life-changing realities for entire families at the time!

A dinner party, a child’s birthday party or corporate event can all help improve lives and make the world a better place.

–Give Now: one time or recurring ($), cause-driven

–Backup a Project: fund a project (%), project-driven

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“MORE THAN A SOCIAL NETWORK, it’s An enabler of altruism  and an accelerator OF IDEAS”

Connect, involveand contribute by joining The Community First Exchange. It’s an online platform that enables changemakers and likeminded people eager to contribute their intellectual and social capital become part of the change.

The Exchange is a universal tool that lets our nonprofit crowdsource expertise and know-how from individuals world-wide, an empower them to engineer local solutions to the global challenges of poverty by working with the communities we serve.

This also enables our organization to maximize donor impact on an unprecedented scale. With technology now allowing us to harness the expertise of volunteers beyond the office, and beyond the villages, we’re able to fast track the change in the communities we serve.

In addition, changemakers given the opportunity to become a genuine and proactive part of the solutions they create, with the assurance that the “grey matter” they have donate will always be used for the empowerment of people and communities in distress.

By using this platform, friends & supporters of Community First can connect with other changemakers and our team of volunteers. They can also get involved in projects both on the field and at home to ultimately help share and crowdfund for our causes. It’s also a great way for fully invested donors to learn more about their impact, and sharing more than their financial resources.

Find out how your educational institution or service Club can bring value to their international service projects by getting involved.