Each well that’s built in Sen Sok is an opportunity for an entire family to stay together, in their own village.

Did you know that as a monthly Community First Contributor you can become the champion of one of these four causes?

And each improvement in Sen Sok strengthens the community and brings families closer together. Each donation ensures that mothers and fathers can afford to stay home and care for their children rather than leave their villages for neighboring countries as migrant workers.

While our initiatives may be a world away, each and every single one of them means the world to those families.

Become a contributor  for a program cause you like, or sponsor a specific initiative of your choosing. Each contribution will help create sustainable futures for the people of Sen Sok.


In rural Southeast Asia, planting the seeds of change starts with life giving water. Each of our water well brings an enhanced water source to dozens of families, and holds the promise of improved agricultural yields and activities. This program is the foundation of both our work and a thriving rural community.
Our educational program provides villagers with resources to improve their lives on their own. For adults, growing up during war-time made it difficult to access basic education, while children currently suffer from the limited resources available in their schools.
Our health initiatives focus on the most critical needs in the community through prevention and education. Our work helps the people of Sen Sok by promoting the use of mosquito nets and water filters at home and the reinforcement of the local public health centers through training.
With half the Cambodian population under the age of 25, and 80% of it living in rural areas where access to education is limited, marketable skills become an essential tool to provide for one’s family. Our work focuses on bringing new skills to the community and supporting local initiatives.